Want to be a professional princess or superhero?

Become a performer with us!


Must be 16 or older, have your own car or access to rent or borrow one on the weekends, be willing to drive up to 45 miles from your location to attend parties, have no criminal record as we will be conducting background checks on all performers before hiring begins.

How it works:

1. Make $50 an hour cash with no experience, supplies or costumes necessary. All training is provided and every performer is given their own supply kit with balloons, face paints, magic supplies and 2-3 costumes ordered specifically for you.

2. After each party you are paid $50 in cash and $25 more from the deposit goes to your supplies and costumes that you are "borrowing" to be paid off.

3. Once you pay off all your costumes and supplies you will be paid $75 cash directly for each party and as you do more and more parties you will reach higher paid tiers until you have the party experience and all your own skills and supplies to be making $95-125 per hour (depending on the market you are hired in)

Experienced Performers *with their own costumes, supplies, and face painting and/or balloon twisting skills* ALREADY Please Click Here to apply and start making $95-125 an hour

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Please tell us if you have any prior experience doing any acting, improvisation or live performance, also; what past experience you have working with children. If you have any applicable skills already such as face painting, Balloon twisting, Singing, or your own costumes please list those here: If you have a headshot, pictures of yourself and a resume please send those to auditions@katrinaspartycharacters.com