Thinking of getting a job as a balloon twister?

Considering a fun brand new job as a balloon twister in Los Angeles or a balloontwoster in San Framcisco? We’ve got you covered! :)

FAQ about becoming a Balloon Twister

Can I make money as a balloon twister?

You absolutely can make money as a balloon twister! Balloon twisters are requested for birthday parties, corporate events, festivals, community events, and more. Typically, they charge around $100 - $200 an hour.

What kind of balloons do I use for twisting?

Balloons for twisting come in a variety of sizes and are made specifically to resist breaking when being shaped and handled. Qualatex and Betallatex are well-known brands of balloons that are highly recommended. Balloons also come in different sizes and lengths. You'll need to test out different balloons to find out which brand and size work best for you.

How do I learn how to make balloon animals?

There are many very helpful resources online to help you learn how to make balloon animals and other designs. One of the best resources to learn different designs is YouTube. Balloon twisting definitely takes practice and video lessons allow you to see the creation of each shape and pause or rewind when needed.

Should I have a portfolio of my balloon art available?

Yes, you should definitely have a way to show your balloon art to potential clients. We recommend using high-quality photos, video examples, as well as reviews from past clients to show your value to potential clients.

Do I need insurance of any kind to be a balloon twister?

Insurance is not a requirement to be a balloon twister. However, having performers insurance is never a bad idea! In fact, some clients may require that you have insurance before they book you.

What’s next?

  Yay! now that you know a little bit about what it takes to become a face painter and the different options available to you you can think about what you want to do next.  Katrina also offers private lessons hourly if you’re interested in learning more on your own but don’t want to work for a company right away. If you’re interested in private lessons you can always contact us here:




Hiring a balloon balloon twister for your party?

Looking to hire a balloon twister in Los Angeles or a Balloon Twister in San Francisco for a kids birthday party or other special event? On this page, you’ll find all sorts of helpful tips for finding the perfect performer. If you have specific questions about hiring or becoming a balloon twister, we have the answers! At Katrina’s Party Characters, we have connected hundreds of people with talented party character balloon twisters, magicians, face painters, and other children’s party professionals for their events. If you’d like to book a children’s birhfay party performer or balloon twister in the la you can do so here: 

Los Angeles Balloon Twisters:

San Francisco Balloon Twisters:

FAQ about hiring a Balloon Twister

What is a balloon twister?

A balloon twister or balloon artist creatively shapes balloons into unique designs and characters such as animals, hats, flowers, and more. Balloon twisters are a fun and entertaining addition to nearly any event!

How much does it cost to hire a balloon twister?

On average, balloon twisters charge $100-$200 per hour. Prices can vary based on any travel fees and the number of children at the event.

How many balloons can an artist twist per hour?

The number of balloons that can be twisted per hour really depends on the complexity of the shapes being requested. Many balloon twisters can do 10-15 custom shapes per hour or about 25 per hour for simpler, pre-approved shapes. If you’re planning a large event, you may want to book more than one balloon twister to ensure everyone gets a balloon.

What kind of designs can a balloon twister make?

A balloon twister can shape balloons into almost anything! The most common designs are animals but there are countless possibilities. Balloon twisters love to get creative and can even make custom designs that fit your event’s theme.

Other than birthday parties, what other kinds of events are appropriate for a balloon twister?

Balloon twisters can be a great addition to festivals, community events, holiday parties, and family-friendly corporate events. The large variety of designs that they can offer make them great with different age groups. Due to the limited amount of equipment needed, they are also very flexible in regard to the performance space.

How far will a balloon twister travel?

Each balloon twister sets their own travel preference. You’ll want to ask them directly prior to booking to discuss their ability to travel to your event as well as any associated travel fees. Here at Katrina’s Party Characters   We travel up to an hour away from Hollywood/Downtown Los Angeles with no travel fee. 

I hope this educational article has answered some of your questions! If you have anymore you can always contact us here:




Hiring a Magician in Los Angeles

Ever been in a bind like this? -It’s the last minute, and suddenly you realize that you forgot to hire a magician for your event. Not to worry, here are a few helpful hints for hiring a professional magician in Los Angeles for your party or corporate event.

If your party is on a weekend night like Friday or Saturday in December or October magicians are really busy. You may be left with the table scraps of performers still available… the unbookable none-working magicians… a magician who probably wears a bright gold suit with tacky no-skill tricks and lame humor and whose day job coding doesn’t allow him human interaction, basic social skills, or sunlight. As you read the companies  ten five star Yelp reviews, something doesn’t seem to add up. Here’s a guide to help:

How To Hire The Right Magician For Your Event:

  1. Most magicians for hire, at least here in Los Angeles, have five star Yelp ratings. I think that’s because it’s such a face to face experience when you hire a performer. Frankly it’s a mystery to me, because I can’t tell you how many awful magicians I know who have a five star Yelp rating. Some of them actually give invitations to the Magic Castle in exchange for five star reviews. Tacky. When you look at a magician’s photos and website, use your intuition. It may be more accurate than Yelp.
  2. Look at the magician’s videos. Videos will tell you most of what you need to know about their magic performances. If you do nothing else… do this. Here at Katrina’s part characters our videos are right on the home page! What you see isbwhatnyou get 
  3. When it comes to working st the Magic Castle and peer magician accolades, I’d say take them all with a grain of salt. As someone who frequents the Castle and Magic communityI can tell you that they don’t really matter that much. It certainly doesn’t hurt if a performer has some awards to brag about, but it doesn’t NECESSARILY mean they are actually good. They may be great at slight of ha d and terrible at performing or not funny or interesting at all! Trust me on this.
  4. Once you’re confident that they are a good magician, give them a call and do a quick gut check. Ask yourself if they have the social skills to interact positively with your guests.
  5. If the magician has a publicly ticketed show, that’s a good sign. Go see it, or, at least read the reviews. It’s much harder for someone to “game” Yelp or Tripadvisor when they are literally performing for hundreds of paid attendees each year who then proceed to leave honest reviews about the magic show they just saw. And, the mere fact that a magician HAS thousands of paid attendees each year is also a very positive sign.
  6. Trust your gut over all else.

Ha knyou for reading! I hope this helps you find a top notch magician for hire in Los Angeles.  For recommendations in most major cities, feel free to send a request on or contact form:


Want a job as a Facepainter ?

  Are you interested in a job for facepainting? In Los Angeles and San Francisco we are ALWAYS training and hiring more face painters!

So... curious about what it takes to become a face painter for children’s parties? I’ll answer all of your burning questions here and then some so please read on if you want some advice tips and tricks to learn the facepainting trade !

Can I make money face painting?

Absolutely! Face painting is requested for birthday parties, festivals, community events, corporate events and more. Professional face painters typically make between $150-$200 for two hours of work if booking directly with a client. With Katrina’s Party Characters aw pay all of our performers $100-125 if they hav their own skills, costumes, experience and props.  We also offer free training and lower starting rates if you are a beginner and you don’t know how to start on your own. 

-Basically,  if you’re just starting out, you may need to start with lower rates to get more experience, and then gradually increase your prices to meet your needs. Be ready to back up your rates with high-quality photos of your past work.

If you are interested in our Katrina‘s party characters face painting and balloon twisting training program that includes free lessons and immediately will connect you with jobs in your area feel free to apply at this link: 

How do I learn to do face painting?

Just like any other skill, face painting takes practice. First, check out online courses, instructional guides, and videos of professional face paint techniques. Here at Katrina’s Party Characters we have hundreds of how to videos for our performers to study from on YouTube.  Next, gather all the necessary materials and try out your new skills on friends and family. If you already have a natural artistic ability, you’re well on your way to becoming a face painter! If you still need a bit of practice, that’s okay. Keep at it until you’re comfortable and pleased with your finished work.

What kind of paint do I use?

If you’re serious about becoming a face painter, you should choose high-quality cosmetic face paint that is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and specifically made for skin. You should never use acrylic or tempura paints on skin. Even if they are “non-toxic,” that does not mean that they are safe for face painting. The best face paints are water-based or water-activated, and are much more similar to cosmetic makeup than “paint.”

Are face paint crayons any good?

Face paint crayons can be a great option for new face painters. They are washable and easy to use for simple cheek designs. However, face paint crayons do not offer the same bold colors or design capabilities as standard face paint. 

Where can I find face painting patterns?

Face painting patterns and stencils can be purchased at any craft store, but we recommend Snazaroo’s beginners guide for detailed instructions and patterns for various face paint designs.

Do face painters need insurance?

Insurance is recommended for face painters, but it’s not a requirement. Many professional face painters carry liability insurance to protect their business and to stay up-to-date with FDA regulations.

Do I need a criminal records check?

A criminal records check is not required to become a professional face painter. However, some clients may need this information before feeling comfortable booking your services, especially if they’re planning a children’s party. Here at Katrina’s Party characters  we run background checks on all of our new party performers. 

 What’s next?

  Yay! now that you know a little bit about what it takes to become a face painter and the different options available to you you can think about what you want to do next.  Katrina also offers private lessons hourly if you’re interested in learning more on your own but don’t want to work for a company right away. If you’re interested in private lessons you can always contact us here:


Curious about hiring a Facepainter in Los Angeles or a Bay Area Facepainter?

 Face Painters In Los Angeles: 

Looking to hire a face painter for a kids’ party, Halloween or other fun event? Here, you’ll find a variety of informative tips to help you determine the perfect person to hire. If you have a question about face painting, we have the answer! Here at Katrina’s Party Characters, we have connected thousands of people with awesome face painters and artists in the California area! 

FAQ about hiring a Face Painter

How much does a face painter cost?

Many people allot about 2 hours for face painting services, which typically costs between $150-$200. This price could vary depending on your location, the number of faces that will need to be painted, and the amount of detail requested for the art. Most face painters can handle 5-10 people per hour if they’re providing a fairly simple design. If you’re expecting a large crowd at your event, you may need more than one professional. Here at Katrina’s Party Characters we can do about 10-15 permhourbwith sinple designs. We have all sorts of impressive state of the art brushes, sponges, colored cakes, and tools to do impressive and amazing art in just a matter of seconds! 

How long does face paint take to dry?

Face paint takes only a few minutes to dry, but this can vary depending on what kind of paint the facepainter is using and how many layers have been applied. Be sure to ask the face painter about their preferred products and specifications. Here at Katrina’s Party Characters we use coconut oil based facepaint a and they dry much quicker then standard grease paint.

How long does face paint last?

High-quality face paint can last up to 12 hours, depending on the type of face paint used. It’s easy to wash off with water as well. However, it’s important to remember that leaving face paint on for long periods of time can clog your pores and cause breakouts.

How long does face painting take?

The time it takes to have your face painted varies greatly depending on several factors. Some face painters are more experienced than others, and therefore quicker with their designs. Simple cheek designs are often completed in 5-6 minutes. Full-face designs take longer to complete, depending on how elaborate and detailed you want the final look to be. Before booking a face painter, be sure to tell them how many faces will need to be painted at your event. This will help you determine how many hours you will need their services.

Does face paint stain clothing?

Most cosmetic face paint is water-based, but that does not guarantee it won’t stain your clothes. To get face paint stains out of clothing, we recommend spot-cleaning the area with baking soda and cold water right away. We use coconut oil based paints which are organic and don’t stain fabrics or skin.

Does face paint cause acne?

This is a complex answer, for most Face paint does not necessarily cause acne, but leaving face paint on for long periods of time can clog pores and potentially cause breakouts. Since we use hydrating coconut oil based paints it can actually benefit your skin more than harm it. 

Will sweat make face paint come off?

Sometimes! Water-based face paint can come off with sweat, but there are things you can do to prevent this from happening. Ask your face painter about setting sprays, powders, and primers to keep your face paint designs lasting longer in the heat.

Does face paint contain latex?

Some face paints do contain latex, but most high-quality cosmetic face paint does not. A professional face painter will be using FDA-approved cosmetics that are hypoallergenic and safe for kids, with popular brands including Mehron, Wolfe, Cameleon, TAG, and Global. Ask the face painter about the products they use to ensure they are not using craft paint, acrylic paint, or anything else not made specifically for skin or playbit safe and hire a Katrina’s Party Characters face painter so you know exactly what you’re getting! :)

Is face painting safe?

It sure is! Professional face painters use high-quality cosmetic paint that is safe to use on your skin.

Can face paint go on the lips?

Professional face painters use non-toxic, hypoallergenic face paint that is safe for your lips, but it’s not recommended for children as it could be ingested. Or facepaint we use is coconut oil based so you can even ingest it! (Although it may taste funny) 

How far will a face painter travel to come to my party?

Every face painter sets their own preferences for how far they will travel, so be sure to ask the professional about their travel radius and associated costs. A standard travel fee is $15-25 if the performer is more than an hour drive away (2 hours total borne ways)

Can I hire a face painter to come to my house to get me ready for Halloween?

Yes, Halloween is a great time to hire a professional face painter! Keep in mind, this holiday is a busy season for most face painters so you will want to book them well in advance.

Do face painters need insurance?

Most professional face painters carry insurance for their services, and this is especially important for corporate parties or company events. Before booking a face painter, ask them about their insurance and what it covers.



Decided you wanna take the leap of faith an book an experienced facepainter in the Los Angeles or San Francisco Area? 

You can request a free quote here:



About Booking Magicians:

Looking into booking the best Los Angeles magician or best Bay Area magician? Well I have news for you!  If you're expecting the old rabbit-out-of-a-hat trick or sawing a woman in half:  this is not your grandfather's magic. Professional magicians have updated their magic shows with amazing illusions, dangerous stunts, mentalism, comedy, and more! People of all ages alike are amazed by magical entertainment, and magicians know how to read their audience. Whether you're planning a corporate event, school prom, or a fun birthday party, book a Los Angeles magician or a San Francisco magician  through Katrina’s Party Characters to provide the mystery and awe at your next magical event! 

 About booking a Magician

If you've decided to book a magician for your party or event, you're in for quite a show! With illusions, games, and comedy, guests of all ages will be dazzled and remember this celebration for years to come. The cost of hiring a professional magician will vary depending on the type of show, length of performance, the age range of the audience, and the entertainer’s experience. Prices may also increase for more elaborate shows with various props and equipment for complex illusions. Contact local Los Angeles or San Francisco magicians Dirrctly to get a quote for your event. If you’re unsure what to do you can always send Katrina’s Party Characters a quote! 

Things to consider:  

When booking a professional magician, consider the differences between the many genres of magical entertainment. Some professionals specialize in kids parties with family-friendly comedy and illusions. Other magicians push physical boundaries with bold escape tricks and dangerous props. Strolling magic, also known as table magic, is suitable for smaller, more intimate audiences and can provide excellent dinner entertainment. It may be difficult to decide, but browsing through online profiles and websites will give you a detailed look into each magician's performance. Look for a description of their services, photos of their act, and if possible, read through reviews from their past clients on yelp, gig websites, and google maps. When you book a professional magician on A random gig website you never know what you’re going to get. Here at Katrina’s Party Characters we alwyas tecommend yu book directly with the magicians themselves. It will save you tons of overhead and extra fees those indirect gig sites charge to you and to the performer . Never fear! If you book through Katrina’s Party Characters then you can rest easy knowing your communication and payments are secure, and you're backed by our KPC Worry-Free Guarantee. You'll have a memorable and magical event!


Whats next?

Katrina is a children’s magician and close up magician that performs in San Francisco, the Bay Area, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and more! 

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