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 Face Painters In Los Angeles: 

Looking to hire a face painter for a kids’ party, Halloween or other fun event? Here, you’ll find a variety of informative tips to help you determine the perfect person to hire. If you have a question about face painting, we have the answer! Here at Katrina’s Party Characters, we have connected thousands of people with awesome face painters and artists in the California area! 

FAQ about hiring a Face Painter

How much does a face painter cost?

Many people allot about 2 hours for face painting services, which typically costs between $150-$200. This price could vary depending on your location, the number of faces that will need to be painted, and the amount of detail requested for the art. Most face painters can handle 5-10 people per hour if they’re providing a fairly simple design. If you’re expecting a large crowd at your event, you may need more than one professional. Here at Katrina’s Party Characters we can do about 10-15 permhourbwith sinple designs. We have all sorts of impressive state of the art brushes, sponges, colored cakes, and tools to do impressive and amazing art in just a matter of seconds! 

How long does face paint take to dry?

Face paint takes only a few minutes to dry, but this can vary depending on what kind of paint the facepainter is using and how many layers have been applied. Be sure to ask the face painter about their preferred products and specifications. Here at Katrina’s Party Characters we use coconut oil based facepaint a and they dry much quicker then standard grease paint.

How long does face paint last?

High-quality face paint can last up to 12 hours, depending on the type of face paint used. It’s easy to wash off with water as well. However, it’s important to remember that leaving face paint on for long periods of time can clog your pores and cause breakouts.

How long does face painting take?

The time it takes to have your face painted varies greatly depending on several factors. Some face painters are more experienced than others, and therefore quicker with their designs. Simple cheek designs are often completed in 5-6 minutes. Full-face designs take longer to complete, depending on how elaborate and detailed you want the final look to be. Before booking a face painter, be sure to tell them how many faces will need to be painted at your event. This will help you determine how many hours you will need their services.

Does face paint stain clothing?

Most cosmetic face paint is water-based, but that does not guarantee it won’t stain your clothes. To get face paint stains out of clothing, we recommend spot-cleaning the area with baking soda and cold water right away. We use coconut oil based paints which are organic and don’t stain fabrics or skin.

Does face paint cause acne?

This is a complex answer, for most Face paint does not necessarily cause acne, but leaving face paint on for long periods of time can clog pores and potentially cause breakouts. Since we use hydrating coconut oil based paints it can actually benefit your skin more than harm it. 

Will sweat make face paint come off?

Sometimes! Water-based face paint can come off with sweat, but there are things you can do to prevent this from happening. Ask your face painter about setting sprays, powders, and primers to keep your face paint designs lasting longer in the heat.

Does face paint contain latex?

Some face paints do contain latex, but most high-quality cosmetic face paint does not. A professional face painter will be using FDA-approved cosmetics that are hypoallergenic and safe for kids, with popular brands including Mehron, Wolfe, Cameleon, TAG, and Global. Ask the face painter about the products they use to ensure they are not using craft paint, acrylic paint, or anything else not made specifically for skin or playbit safe and hire a Katrina’s Party Characters face painter so you know exactly what you’re getting! :)

Is face painting safe?

It sure is! Professional face painters use high-quality cosmetic paint that is safe to use on your skin.

Can face paint go on the lips?

Professional face painters use non-toxic, hypoallergenic face paint that is safe for your lips, but it’s not recommended for children as it could be ingested. Or facepaint we use is coconut oil based so you can even ingest it! (Although it may taste funny) 

How far will a face painter travel to come to my party?

Every face painter sets their own preferences for how far they will travel, so be sure to ask the professional about their travel radius and associated costs. A standard travel fee is $15-25 if the performer is more than an hour drive away (2 hours total borne ways)

Can I hire a face painter to come to my house to get me ready for Halloween?

Yes, Halloween is a great time to hire a professional face painter! Keep in mind, this holiday is a busy season for most face painters so you will want to book them well in advance.

Do face painters need insurance?

Most professional face painters carry insurance for their services, and this is especially important for corporate parties or company events. Before booking a face painter, ask them about their insurance and what it covers.



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