Want a job as a Facepainter ?

  Are you interested in a job for facepainting? In Los Angeles and San Francisco we are ALWAYS training and hiring more face painters!

So... curious about what it takes to become a face painter for children’s parties? I’ll answer all of your burning questions here and then some so please read on if you want some advice tips and tricks to learn the facepainting trade !

Can I make money face painting?

Absolutely! Face painting is requested for birthday parties, festivals, community events, corporate events and more. Professional face painters typically make between $150-$200 for two hours of work if booking directly with a client. With Katrina’s Party Characters aw pay all of our performers $100-125 if they hav their own skills, costumes, experience and props.  We also offer free training and lower starting rates if you are a beginner and you don’t know how to start on your own. 

-Basically,  if you’re just starting out, you may need to start with lower rates to get more experience, and then gradually increase your prices to meet your needs. Be ready to back up your rates with high-quality photos of your past work.

If you are interested in our Katrina‘s party characters face painting and balloon twisting training program that includes free lessons and immediately will connect you with jobs in your area feel free to apply at this link:


How do I learn to do face painting?

Just like any other skill, face painting takes practice. First, check out online courses, instructional guides, and videos of professional face paint techniques. Here at Katrina’s Party Characters we have hundreds of how to videos for our performers to study from on YouTube.  Next, gather all the necessary materials and try out your new skills on friends and family. If you already have a natural artistic ability, you’re well on your way to becoming a face painter! If you still need a bit of practice, that’s okay. Keep at it until you’re comfortable and pleased with your finished work.

What kind of paint do I use?

If you’re serious about becoming a face painter, you should choose high-quality cosmetic face paint that is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and specifically made for skin. You should never use acrylic or tempura paints on skin. Even if they are “non-toxic,” that does not mean that they are safe for face painting. The best face paints are water-based or water-activated, and are much more similar to cosmetic makeup than “paint.”

Are face paint crayons any good?

Face paint crayons can be a great option for new face painters. They are washable and easy to use for simple cheek designs. However, face paint crayons do not offer the same bold colors or design capabilities as standard face paint. 

Where can I find face painting patterns?

Face painting patterns and stencils can be purchased at any craft store, but we recommend Snazaroo’s beginners guide for detailed instructions and patterns for various face paint designs.

Do face painters need insurance?

Insurance is recommended for face painters, but it’s not a requirement. Many professional face painters carry liability insurance to protect their business and to stay up-to-date with FDA regulations.

Do I need a criminal records check?

A criminal records check is not required to become a professional face painter. However, some clients may need this information before feeling comfortable booking your services, especially if they’re planning a children’s party. Here at Katrina’s Party characters  we run background checks on all of our new party performers. 

 What’s next?

  Yay! now that you know a little bit about what it takes to become a face painter and the different options available to you you can think about what you want to do next.  Katrina also offers private lessons hourly if you’re interested in learning more on your own but don’t want to work for a company right away. If you’re interested in private lessons you can always contact us here: