Hiring a Magician in Los Angeles

Ever been in a bind like this? -It’s the last minute, and suddenly you realize that you forgot to hire a magician for your event. Not to worry, here are a few helpful hints for hiring a professional magician in Los Angeles for your party or corporate event.

If your party is on a weekend night like Friday or Saturday in December or October magicians are really busy. You may be left with the table scraps of performers still available… the unbookable none-working magicians… a magician who probably wears a bright gold suit with tacky no-skill tricks and lame humor and whose day job coding doesn’t allow him human interaction, basic social skills, or sunlight. As you read the companies  ten five star Yelp reviews, something doesn’t seem to add up. Here’s a guide to help:

How To Hire The Right Magician For Your Event:

  1. Most magicians for hire, at least here in Los Angeles, have five star Yelp ratings. I think that’s because it’s such a face to face experience when you hire a performer. Frankly it’s a mystery to me, because I can’t tell you how many awful magicians I know who have a five star Yelp rating. Some of them actually give invitations to the Magic Castle in exchange for five star reviews. Tacky. When you look at a magician’s photos and website, use your intuition. It may be more accurate than Yelp.
  2. Look at the magician’s videos. Videos will tell you most of what you need to know about their magic performances. If you do nothing else… do this. Here at Katrina’s part characters our videos are right on the home page! What you see isbwhatnyou get 
  3. When it comes to working st the Magic Castle and peer magician accolades, I’d say take them all with a grain of salt. As someone who frequents the Castle and Magic communityI can tell you that they don’t really matter that much. It certainly doesn’t hurt if a performer has some awards to brag about, but it doesn’t NECESSARILY mean they are actually good. They may be great at slight of ha d and terrible at performing or not funny or interesting at all! Trust me on this.
  4. Once you’re confident that they are a good magician, give them a call and do a quick gut check. Ask yourself if they have the social skills to interact positively with your guests.
  5. If the magician has a publicly ticketed show, that’s a good sign. Go see it, or, at least read the reviews. It’s much harder for someone to “game” Yelp or Tripadvisor when they are literally performing for hundreds of paid attendees each year who then proceed to leave honest reviews about the magic show they just saw. And, the mere fact that a magician HAS thousands of paid attendees each year is also a very positive sign.
  6. Trust your gut over all else.

Ha knyou for reading! I hope this helps you find a top notch magician for hire in Los Angeles.  For recommendations in most major cities, feel free to send a request on or contact form: