Hiring a balloon balloon twister for your party?

Looking to hire a balloon twister in Los Angeles or a Balloon Twister in San Francisco for a kids birthday party or other special event? On this page, you’ll find all sorts of helpful tips for finding the perfect performer. If you have specific questions about hiring or becoming a balloon twister, we have the answers! At Katrina’s Party Characters, we have connected hundreds of people with talented party character balloon twisters, magicians, face painters, and other children’s party professionals for their events. If you’d like to book a children’s birhfay party performer or balloon twister in the la you can do so here: 

Los Angeles Balloon Twisters:  https://www.katrinaspartycharacters.com/losangeleschildrenspartyentertainment

San Francisco Balloon Twisters: https://www.katrinaspartycharacters.com/bayareachildrenspartyentertainment

FAQ about hiring a Balloon Twister

What is a balloon twister?

A balloon twister or balloon artist creatively shapes balloons into unique designs and characters such as animals, hats, flowers, and more. Balloon twisters are a fun and entertaining addition to nearly any event!

How much does it cost to hire a balloon twister?

On average, balloon twisters charge $100-$200 per hour. Prices can vary based on any travel fees and the number of children at the event.

How many balloons can an artist twist per hour?

The number of balloons that can be twisted per hour really depends on the complexity of the shapes being requested. Many balloon twisters can do 10-15 custom shapes per hour or about 25 per hour for simpler, pre-approved shapes. If you’re planning a large event, you may want to book more than one balloon twister to ensure everyone gets a balloon.

What kind of designs can a balloon twister make?

A balloon twister can shape balloons into almost anything! The most common designs are animals but there are countless possibilities. Balloon twisters love to get creative and can even make custom designs that fit your event’s theme.

Other than birthday parties, what other kinds of events are appropriate for a balloon twister?

Balloon twisters can be a great addition to festivals, community events, holiday parties, and family-friendly corporate events. The large variety of designs that they can offer make them great with different age groups. Due to the limited amount of equipment needed, they are also very flexible in regard to the performance space.

How far will a balloon twister travel?

Each balloon twister sets their own travel preference. You’ll want to ask them directly prior to booking to discuss their ability to travel to your event as well as any associated travel fees. Here at Katrina’s Party Characters   We travel up to an hour away from Hollywood/Downtown Los Angeles with no travel fee. 

I hope this educational article has answered some of your questions! If you have anymore you can always contact us here: