Thinking of getting a job as a balloon twister?

Considering a fun brand new job as a balloon twister in Los Angeles or a balloontwoster in San Framcisco? We’ve got you covered! :)

FAQ about becoming a Balloon Twister

Can I make money as a balloon twister?

You absolutely can make money as a balloon twister! Balloon twisters are requested for birthday parties, corporate events, festivals, community events, and more. Typically, they charge around $100 - $200 an hour.

What kind of balloons do I use for twisting?

Balloons for twisting come in a variety of sizes and are made specifically to resist breaking when being shaped and handled. Qualatex and Betallatex are well-known brands of balloons that are highly recommended. Balloons also come in different sizes and lengths. You'll need to test out different balloons to find out which brand and size work best for you.

How do I learn how to make balloon animals?

There are many very helpful resources online to help you learn how to make balloon animals and other designs. One of the best resources to learn different designs is YouTube. Balloon twisting definitely takes practice and video lessons allow you to see the creation of each shape and pause or rewind when needed.

Should I have a portfolio of my balloon art available?

Yes, you should definitely have a way to show your balloon art to potential clients. We recommend using high-quality photos, video examples, as well as reviews from past clients to show your value to potential clients.

Do I need insurance of any kind to be a balloon twister?

Insurance is not a requirement to be a balloon twister. However, having performers insurance is never a bad idea! In fact, some clients may require that you have insurance before they book you.

What’s next?

  Yay! now that you know a little bit about what it takes to become a face painter and the different options available to you you can think about what you want to do next.  Katrina also offers private lessons hourly if you’re interested in learning more on your own but don’t want to work for a company right away. If you’re interested in private lessons you can always contact us here: