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Bay Area Packages start at $200 per hour for one performer.

Los Angeles Packages start at $175 per hour for one performer.

Special discounts and packages if you want to book multiple hours or multiple performers. If you don't want to wait you can check our prices yourself by clicking this link for our "Prices" Page or finding it on the menu

Don’t risk your child’s special day by booking with another company simply because they have the cheapest price! Book the best! A performer from Katrina’s Party Characters is a guarantee that your child will win the birthday jackpot! Imagine the hugs of appreciation you will receive from your child and their guests after you provide the perfect performer for your event!

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CONGRATULATIONS, You just smartly avoided getting stuck with 26 energetic, super duper sugar-high children clamoring to be entertained! Or even worse you just made the first step away from a party full of listless children that are bored out of their minds!

Now you can rest easy knowing after the event you’ll be greeted with smiles, giggles, and giant hugs from your happily entertained children and their excited and exuberant guests!


Check out the video below if you want to know the benefits of booking with a boutique company like KPC!